General Description

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience hand-carved, hand tooled leather, you are in for an incredible treat.

Hand-carved, hand tooled leather is not embossed leather – don’t let other merchants fool you into believing that. Nor is the leather used to hand carve and hand tool leather a synthetic leather or “leatherette”. Hand carved, hand tooled leather products start with a special, real cowhide leather, which is called “tooling leather”. This leather is heavier than garment grade leathers, higher quality, much more durable, longer lasting, and is designed to hold a carved, tooled image.

Not only does this leather last years longer than garment leather, synthetic leather, or “leatherette”, but, it does not contain added adhesives (which is a common “cost-saving” method many companies that produce leather goods use), which not only degrade over time (making the leather much less long lasting & much less durable), but produce a sub-standard product.

As opposed to embossed leather, hand carved, hand tooled leather is actually skillfully created individually, by skilled artisan’s hands! It is not possible to mechanize the process of hand carving and hand tooling leather. Like a very fine wine, each detail is carefully considered and added with specialty leather tools with great care and exceptional skill. Each hand carved, hand tooled leather product from MABERICK LEATHER is it’s own work of art – completely unique, and designed for refining tastes – for distinguished men and women – for those who want something more than “wine in a box” from their leather accessories.

So,if you are looking for superior quality, longevity, distinguished excellence, and gallery quality art on your leather products, you are in the right place.

I have helped design these unique leather accessories, along with my team of artisans in Paraguay. Every single item is a piece of art that I hope you get to enjoy.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate and ask me.